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"Vicki was amazing to work with, and her input was insightful, non-judgmental and professional. Writers, me especially, need amazing editors"

— Marc Monroe

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"Working with Vicki was an easy and agreeable experience. She understands that the manuscript is ultimately the author's work and worked with me to refine it, not rewrite it."

— T. S. Dann


Hi, I'm Vicki. I'm a freelance editor, specializing in horror, dark fantasy, urban fantasy and romantic suspense. I'm passionate about understanding an author's vision and helping refine it into the glorious story they always imagined. I offer four different types of services, depending on your needs: developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Scroll on down to read a quick overview of the different types, or use the menu in the top right corner to go directly to the type that interests you.


I provide free sample edits of up to 2500 words for line editing, copyediting and proofreading. Since 2500 words is not enough to get an overall feel for the typical manuscript, I do not provide samples of developmental editing. However, I will evaluate your synopsis and one or two chapters of your work and discuss them with you without charge.


I welcome self-publishing and first-time authors as well as traditionally published writers. Everyone can benefit from having a professional editor. After all, as Stephen King said, "Only God gets it right the first time."

Overview of Services

Let's eat kids.

Wait, I meant: Let's eat, kids.

The absence of one little comma nearly turned me into a cannibal.

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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing focuses on the "big picture" of your story. This will look primarily at consistency in character behavior and speech patterns, holes in the plot, consistent style and theme, and general readability. A single inconsistency in theme or character trait can ruin the flow of an entire story.

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Line Editing

Line editing focuses on the most important part of your book—the language, the words that convey your story. Awkward sentence structure can diminish the pleasure of reading. Line editing also ensures that the plot flows smoothly, and that characters think, speak and act in ways appropriate for that character.

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Copyediting focuses on foundations. A good copyeditor ensures your prose is efficient and conveys your meaning. This includes checks for clarity, flow, timeline, continuity and basic fact checking. A single incorrect fact or error in timeline can ruin the experience for the reader.

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Included in copyediting and line editing

Proofreading is generally the last step before publication, or before submitting a manuscript to a publisher or agent. It focuses on catching misspelled words, typos and wrong word choices. A proofreader assumes that the content of the book has already been edited to the author's satisfaction.

About Me
Photo of Vicki Greer

Hi, I'm Vicki Greer. I'm a professional editor based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I specialize in horror, dark fantasy, urban fantasy and romantic suspense. I also accept technical manuscripts and manuscripts in other genres. I have edited over 100 works, ranging from technical articles to short stories to novels.

My passion is for helping authors to find the heart of their story and turn it into the incredible story they feel in their hearts.

I am an active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Horror Writers Association. I graduated from Earlham College with a degree in psychology, and from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in computer science, both times magna cum laude. I got into editing through technical writing, which honed my talent for addressing those small but crucial details in all types of writing.

I love to read (primarily fiction, but I'll read a cereal box if I'm desperate enough!). In addition to being an editor, I am a WordPress and web developer, and an expert in the quirkier aspects of Microsoft Word. When I'm not editing, I read for pleasure, build websites, cross-stitch, explore the Chattanooga area and attempt to herd my four cats.

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